For multiple tours you will have to select multiple bookings. For instance if you have two cars with you then for these two cars you will be doing the booking for each.

Yes, if you will park your car in our parking slot more than the booked time then you will pay the extra fee for that.

we are entitled to protect your vehicle when it is parked in our car park. We will make sure that nothing happens to your vehicle when it is in our custody. Along with this we will also make sure that no one move your vehicle but in case there is a damage to your car in our car park then you will have to get in contact with one of our staff member immediately.

If you inform us about your change of plans at the time of booking then we do provide the refund in such a scenario.

Yes we do offer money back guarantee in most of the scenarios. for the complete detail it is important that you get in touch with one of our customer service representative. They will guide you better in this regard.